Oh this poor little house! To date, the exterior of this waif has been three different colors. But finally, finally, the house has decided to be… dilapidated.

I’ve wanted to do a 1:144 “haunted house” for several years. And this house has been the one that has suffered my various ministrations trying to get it there. Before this last re-paint, the house was nearly black. And while that’s a good color for “haunted”, it wasn’t working for me.

Then I remembered the amazing work of Noel and Pat Thomas. They work in 1:12 scale and are known for their loving attention to worn finishes. So I spent some time at their blog and I spent a really long time looking at pictures of actual old houses.

And I decided that “nearly black” was the wrong way to go.

Now, the exterior is long from finished and this is a “dry build” (no glue involved, the walls are in their “proper places”, but not permanently so), but I’m pretty pleased with the direction it’s heading.

And no, the walls are not going to be that crooked in the final run. “Dry builds” tend to be crookedy. ;)