Plywood Dry Build

You know you’re a craft geek when you get giddy because your order of 1/16″ cross grain plywood arrived. Friday was my day to be giddy.

For anyone interested, I get all my miniature lumber needs from Northeastern Scale Lumber. Their web site and their store are not the easiest to navigate (when looking for specific lumber), but they have a huge selection and orders always arrive in a prompt manner.

Plywood Dry Build

I primed the wood with a Krylon spray primer. Fast, easy, and no drips or blips. Plus, it’s what I already had in my stash. 😉

When considering how to cut 1/16″ cross grain plywood, you might wonder which power tool is the best to use… but I go with the solution “old-timers” tend to use: scissors. Because I have the hand strength of a small child, prior to using the scissors, I repeatedly scored the wood with a craft knife. The final product requires a good bit of sanding, but I find that’s a fair trade off for not having to invest in a laser cutter.

Not that I wouldn’t love to have a laser cutter.

Coping Saw The windows and doors were all cut out with a coping saw (removable blade). First drill out some holes in the corners of the area to be removed — yes, I used a small manual drill — and then thread the blade of the coping saw through the hole.

There’s still some tidying up to do, flooring to cut, a base to design, and more, but I’m pretty excited to be getting this part done.

Project Hours: 96

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  1. Carolyn
    May 29, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    I have been out of it for so long I need to reread all of the previous post for project Bluebird, but it’s looking good. Hey if you find a good deal on a laser cutter let me know, I would love to have one too (when I win the lotto).

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