old button craft miss you header

“Where do you get your ideas?”

Sometimes I have no clue as to the twists and turns that get me to where I end up, but for this project, it went something like this:

hmmm… wonder what everyone else is working on… click… click… click… ha, that’s quite clever and oh look, it’s some sort of a challenge. I like challenges, let’s see what the details are… hmmm, a paper craft that uses buttons…

buttons, buttons… there’s grandma’s box of buttons [grandma was a seamstress]… I have lots of old buttons… what do I think of when I think of buttons…

…all the shirts that are missing a button… I really should take the time to sew those –

wait, what was the challenge? wow, look there are lots of submissions already… what do those look like… oh, a lot of people who make greeting card style pieces… lovely… hmmm, I don’t normally do greeting card type stuff… but what if I did, what would it look like?

wait, what was my thought on buttons? oh, right buttons are missing… hey, don’t people send “missing you” greeting cards… if I did a piece focusing on the missing button…

And that’s my rambling and somewhat inelegant “creative process.”

I think a fitting close to this post is a bit of nonsense verse I memorized many many moons ago:

Why are fire engines red?
Roses are red too.
Two plus two equals four.
Four plus eight equals twelve.
There are twelve inches in a ruler.
Queen Mary was a ruler.
Queen Mary was a ship.
Ships sail on the sea.
Fish swim in the sea.
Fish have fins.
The Finns fought the Russians.
The Russians are the Reds.
Fire engines are always rushin’
And that’s why fire engines are red.