matchbook sewing kit
As promised in my earlier Matchbook Sewing Kit post, here’s the free pattern and tutorial for making your own handy-dandy sewing kit.

I really wanted to thought I should make a tutorial for this sewing kit, but in all honesty, I’m entirely too lazy busy cranky to take all the photos and write all the steps.

Actually, I’m not all that cranky right now — but if I took all the photos and wrote all the steps, I’d be very very cranky. ¬†Which, according to Mr. Jivvy,¬† is something you don’t want to see.

So I’m doing you a kindness by not providing the tutorial.

It’s a selfless act, really.

However, there’s no crankiness involved in providing the free pattern… and I’m quite certain that with all the pictures in the original post, you won’t even need a tutorial.

As promised (a long, long time ago), here’s the free pattern (yes, you need all three PDF files).

Matchbook Sewing Kit
Click on each of the three images below to download the related pattern file. See the original post for additional photos.

Sewing Kit Download, Page 01Sewing Kit Download, Page 02