Garden Matchbox

Gazebo Matchbox
The Matchbox Swap is all about decorating the outside of a matchbox (yes, the wee little ones) and stuffing the insides of the box with all sorts of wee little crafty supplies

When you participate in the swap and you discover your swap-mate’s list of suggested themes include “unicorns” and you just happen to have a wee little unicorn in your stash, the world is all peaches and gravy.

When you accidentally turn the wee little unicorn into a wee little pot-metal puddle…

Fewer peaches, less gravy.

Once I finished the unicorn carnage clean-up, I re-checked my swap-mate’s themes list: “flowers, girlie things.”

I can do that.

I dug through my stash and found the delicate brass N-Scale conservatory and patio furniture from Langley Models. I mulled for a bit and then converted the conservatory into a gazebo and used it as the starting point for a country garden setting.

Sans unicorn.

Matchbox Gazebo in Hand

Full View Matchbox Gazebo

I’m compelled to note that the stone wall actually fits better into the side of the hill than it looks like here. Or it does when the matchbox drawer isn’t crammed full of supplies — but after re-packing the drawer several times, I just couldn’t bear to dump everything for the sake of a picture.

Even I have my wee little limits. 😉

Side View Matchbox Gazebo

Gazebo Closeup

Drawer of Goodies

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  1. Carolyn
    May 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Holy puddles of unicorn carnage – what an adorable wee little box. You have one lucky swap partner!

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