Felt Tangram Rollup (Pattern)

Yesterday, having a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was reading through the day’s CraftGossip.com newsletter (lots of home decor and sewing ideas — not my forte — but also enough general craft items that I read it every day) and I saw Karin Jordan’s fun Magnetic Tangram.

This article struck me because I have a friend who is five years old and looooooves puzzles. He has graduated from the typical toddler wooden puzzles to jigsaw puzzles, but he likes “figuring things out” more than hunting for the right piece.

Karin’s tangram is made from craft foam and magnetic sheets and uses a Sizzix (home die-cutting machine). I was excited about the idea, but didn’t have any craft foam. Or magnetic sheets.

Or a Sizzix.

Undeterred, I looked through my stash. Felt. I do have felt. Lots of it. So I decided to make a Felt Roll Up Traveling Tangagram. No sewing! 😉

This is a super quick, super easy project — took me about thirty minutes from start to finish (including waiting for glue to dry).

First, here’s the Free Tanagram Cutting Pattern (PDF). The PDF file includes three sizes (6.5″, 5″, and 4″). I used the 6.5″.


  • Free Tanagram Cutting Pattern (PDF)
  • Felt: I used multiple colors, but that’s optional. The amount of felt you will need depends on the size pattern you use, but it’s the pattern times two plus a larger piece that forms the rollup. Don’t stress over size — I used what I had available and that required the least amount of cutting.
  • Fabric Glue: Aleen’s Fabric Fusion is my favorite
  • A piece of ribbon for the tie
  • Scissors


  1. Print out two copies of the size pattern you wish to use.
  2. Cut one of the patterns out by the outer square, but don’t cut the individual pieces. Set aside. Cut the other pattern into all of the individual pieces (for the second page, you will end up with five triangles, one square, and one parallelogram). Set aside.
  3. Tangram Puzzle Pieces

  4. Cut the individual pieces out of felt. If you have felt pieces with good corners, you can greatly reduce the number of cuts you have to make. Set aside.
  5. Tangram: Cutting Corners

  6. Apply glue to three edges of the square (the one you didn’t cut up into individual piece) and attach it to the larger piece of felt that’s serving as the “rollup.” This square does double duty as the pattern for completing the tangram and as a pocket for the pieces.
  7. Tangram Pocket
    Felt Tangram Rollup

  8. Glue a piece of ribbon (long enough to function as a tie for the rollup) to the reverse side of the larger piece of felt (again, I use Aleen’s Fabric Fusion). Apply glue to about 2″ patch in the middle of the ribbon (do not apply along the length of the ribbon… it might look good, but it will no longer serve as a tie).
  9. Felt Tangram Rollup
    Tangram Travel Rollup

And that’s it, easy-peasy. I think my puzzle freak friend will love it. And once he figures out the square, I’ll google “free printable tangram puzzles” and show him what other shapes he can make.

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  1. Carolyn
    June 24, 2014 at 8:12 am

    So colorful and cute and the pocket is genius! Who needs a sizzix, craft foam or magnets and who doesn’t need to thin their stash and fill a wee one with joy and make them think all at the same time. Bravo!

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