1/144 Fairy House

Fairy House
I purchased one of NESM’s gazebos… I didn’t have a matching house for the gazebo and I wasn’t sure what I would do with it… and just building it seemed a bit boring, but I had no real ideas.

Then it struck me — a wee little fairy house! I did some research on fairies and what type of structures they are likely to be attracted to and went to work.

Even with the largish cache of landscaping materials I keep on hand, I realized I didn’t have enough “interesting” materials. Inspired by mention I’d seen on a “Miniaturist List” I read, I headed of to the local craft store — not for Woodland Scenics, but potpourri! I purchased two different types and a small bag of dried flowers/flower parts that was meant for a “make your own paper” project.

Fairy HouseI also snatched the small bowl of natural crystals (quartz, kyanite, amber) that sits on a side table in my living room. Use of these would require a bit of smashing with a hammer, but we all know that EVERYTHING is fair game when we need it for a MINI.

I made a cozy little bed with a flower petal comforter, a tiny grapevine headboard (decorated with more flowers) and a breezy canopy of greenery. I also added a natural wood side table with a “tulip” lamp. I surrounded it all with flowers, strange plants, and crystals.

After that the gazebo walls went up, and I realized I had a lot more room for gardening and surrounded the gazebo with a garden of fantasy plants, vines, and crystals.

All that’s needed now is the fairy who will call it home. 😉

This miniature fairy house is now in a private collection.

Fairy House

Fairy House

Fairy House

Fairy House

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  1. January 5, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Wow, that is beautiful!! You certainly did a great job with something so small 🙂 You have my respect.

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