Dollhouse Kits

1/144 Scale Kits

There are a handful of companies who make dollhouse kits in 1/144 scale. Some of the companies adhere strictly to scale, others are a bit looser, and still others sell at “1/144” but the houses are actually 1/160 (N Scale in the Railroader market).

All of the companies make super little kits that are absolutely appropriate for “doll’s dollhouses” (remember, real life dollhouses are not all the same scale, so it’s not a big deal that the little houses aren’t either), micro vignettes, and dioramas. However, if you plan to furnish the house, be sure to verify the scale prior to purchasing furniture pieces.

The best prices I have found on most 1/144 dollhouse kits are from Deb at Minikitz — I have absolutely no connection to Deb other than being a happy customer. 😉

Dollhouse Kits Suppliers

  • Northeastern Scale Models
    My personal favorite — the good folks at Northeastern are the makers of the Queen Anne Mansion, the Cape May Cottage, and several other LOVELY little homes made from laser cut wood. And you can rest assured that these houses adhere to 1/144 scale. NESM kits, do NOT include supplies such as wallpaper or landscaping materials.

  • Grandt Line Miniatures

    Grandt Line’s “suitable for 1/144” houses are actually 1/160, so use care in selecting furniture. The kits are cute as bugs, made from styrene, and often include materials such as wallpaper or landscaping materials.

  • Lasertech Miniatures
    Some really charming houses, shops, and manufacturing buildings. These houses are smaller than 1/144 (and word has it some are actually closer to 1/220). Laser cut wood.

  • Cascade Miniatures (formerly “Hanson Minis”)
    Not strictly “dollhouse kits”, but Cascade Miniatures has several 1/144 projects including three different “micro towers” and a 1/144 storybook. In addition to fine workmanship, the Hanson kits all come with electrification — so you can have lights in your mini-scene!