I’ve been thinking a lot about felt. It’s truly fun to work with and there’s something strangely meditative about the blanket stitch, but…

Tonight I sat staring at the pile of beautiful wool blend felt that I purchased from etsy seller Sweet Emma Jean (who appears to have ESP because I swear she ships almost before you finish placing your order).

I stared and stared and you know what happened?

Nothing. Not one iota of inspiration…. and then it hit me. As much as I admire the lovely clean tight work so many felt artists produce, it’s not me.

I realized what was missing. Dirt. Messiness. Age. So I got out my Minwax wood stain pens, my Stazon ink pads, and I went to work.

I think I went overboard with the “dirt” factor (it looks dirtier in real life than in the photo), but this feels like me. And it was still fun. And the blanket stitch was still meditative.


Thank you, Lindy — the dirty felt heart is yours! If you like this 2.5″ heart, use the Contact Form to send me your snail mail address AND then come back to post a comment below. The first person who completes both steps will receive this felt heart in the mail.

It’s feels right to share the dirt.