Codex Staff Digi Stamps Plus Life Size Wings Pattern (The Guild)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my introduction to actor Felicia Day, but it was The Guild that made me fall in love with her. Not only does she play the lead character, she’s the creator, one of the writers, and executive producer.

As part of the still somewhat secret Project Bluebird, I knew I had to include something from Ms. Day and The Guild had the perfect prop — the staff her avatar (“Codex”) carries.

… all of this is a big, albeit incomplete, hint about the direction of Project Bluebird… for some folks, this post does double-duty as an answer to a yet unasked question …

Once I finished making the pattern, I thought I may as well offer it as a free digital stamp for all the crafty geeks — or those non-geeks who love to make crafts for geeks.

Here’s a zip file of four images (two .jpg and two .png files) of the staff.

Codex Staff Digi Stamps

Codex Staff Wings While I was working on this project, I looked at a lot of homemade staffs that geeks have made for cosplay because I was certain someone had already made a pattern for the wings. Because math is hard and those wings are curvy-tricksy. Unfortunately, I did not find a pattern. So I made them.

Creating the wings seemed like a lot of work for the tiny little piece I’ll be making, so I scaled them up (the advantage of working in a vector based graphic program) and created a downloadable PDF file of the full sized wings. Now, the ultimate tutorial on making Codex’s staff is already done (not by me!), but if you’d like a life-size pattern for the wings, I’ve got that. The pattern is made for the wings to fit with a 6″ globe (make sure you deselect any printer options that re-sizes the image). Depending on how you attach the wings, you might want to extend the portion that attaches, but all of the tricksy curves are there for you.


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  1. Carolyn
    May 29, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Damn you jivvy, now I am hooked on the Guild. Felicia is superb in this role! Thanks for sharing the amazing wings and staff. My brain must digest this juicy hint you have given. Glad I did not miss too much of the project.

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