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1/144 Scale Ruler

Beads with Scale Ruler

One thing about 1/144 scale — it’s almost always smaller than you think. Except when it’s bigger. Which is to say, it’s really tough to “eyeball” scale and get it right. It gets tougher when you’re at the craft store…

No Hole Beads for 1/144

No Hole Beads

If you’re new to 1/144, you may be hearing about some supplies that are staples of the teeny-tiny world, but you don’t know what they are, where to get them, or how they’re used. No hole beads (sometimes called “microbeads”)…

1/144 and Coin Sizes


When looking at lots of jewelry findings and such goodies on eBay, I’ve found sellers often don’t include size… but they do include a coin. So I could stop guessing, I just went and measured U.S. coins to see what…