So I was working on my distressed and heart-filled note cards when I decided to push them a bit farther. I started using an acrylic wash, carving bits out and filling with mica, other micro-shiny stuff, beads and whatnots. I even cut a heart completely out of one of the panels because I thought the empty space would be cool.

And then, for reasons I can’t recall, I carried the piece into the kitchen. Where there was a pot soaking in the sink.

And for more reasons I can’t recall, I was standing next to the aforementioned sink.

And then, oh yes, then, my extensively decorated cardboard note card was floating/sinking/bobbing in the sink of dirty dishwater.

Did I mention that the piece was cardboard?

There’s no coming back from that.

Later, when the cursing had ceased and I was back at my desk, I found the heart I had cut out. It was meant to be trash, but I became bound and determine to salvage at least a small part of my work.

Cardboard Heart Brooch

Cardboard Heart Brooch Back

Cardboard Heart Brooch Diagram

I like it. And with all its shiny sparkly bits, it even qualifies for the August Challenge at Unique Crafters.

I can’t say that I’m happy about dropping the note card in the sink (really, what the heck was I doing with it in the kitchen?), but there is a certain satisfaction in ending up with a new piece of jewelry.