I started making 1/144 scale fairy houses several years ago, but this is the very first one that I’ve made for a friend, so it’s a special one.

NESM GazeboThe underlying structure is a 1/144 scale gazebo kit from Northeastern Scale Models that, if built normally, would look something like the one pictured here.

But as a fairy house, it looks like this:
Fairy House

Most of the furniture is crafted from bits of scrap wood, though the bed posts are made from tooled toothpicks. And the “papasan-ish” chair is made from the smallest acorn cap I could find. The bed linens and table cover are made from dyed flower petals (snagged from a mix of dyed bits designed as inclusions in homemade paper). Here’s a look at the furniture before all the decorations go on (includes a dime for size comparison):

Before Landscaping

Another close-up of the bed and bedside table with flower petal lamp.

Fairy House Closeup

The landscaping is made from natural bits of dried plants, miniature landscaping materials (as used with dollhouses and toy trains), metal, no hole beads, and minerals (this piece has natural quartz crystals and slivers of kyanite (the blue glassy looking pieces)).

Fairy House Front

Fairy House Side 01

Fairy House Back

Fairy House Side 02

And that’s my fairy house for a very special friend (who really truly believes in fairies!).