1/144 Scale Ruler

little beads

One thing about 1/144 scale — it’s almost always smaller than you think. Except when it’s bigger.

Which is to say, it’s really tough to “eyeball” scale and get it right. It gets tougher when you’re at the craft store and you buy some excellent beads that you know will be perfect for 1/144 door knobs — only you get them home and find out they’re perfect for 1/144 beach balls.

Which is where the 1/144 scale ruler comes in handy. It’s a ruler marked up to measure in 1/144 scale. So where the normal 3/4″ marking is, the 1/144 scale ruler is marked 9′. The good people of The Scale Card have a nice plastic 1/144 scale ruler for sale — buy two, one for your work area and one for your wallet.

But if you’re anything like me, you’re going to misplace your scale rulers. I do it so often, I finally made up one of my own that I can print any time I can’t find my other ones. I print it out, cut it out, and cover it in clear packing tape (the poor woman’s version of a lamination).

Here’s a sample of what the ruler looks like:

1/144 Scale Ruler

Click to download this 1/144 scale ruler.

If you need a dozen or more 1/144 scale rulers to scatter about your house, you can download this PDF file (which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

And then you can stop guessing whether those tiny little beads are as tiny as you think they are. 😉

Beads with Scale Ruler