1/144 Conversion Chart

Sometimes I think my brain will explode trying to figure out how big an 8mm bead is in 1:144… or how thick is .035 inches in 1:144?

So I made myself a cheat sheet. I keep a copy in my wallet and a copy on my computer.

Here it is for any other miniaturists who are as mathematically challenged as I am. 😉 The first column is in 1:144 feet, the second column is the decimal equivalent in inches, the third column is the fractional equivalent in inches, and the fourth column is millimeters.

For example, if you want something to be two feet long in 1:144, it needs to be .167 inches or 1/6 of an inch or 4.24 millimeters.

1/144 Scale Conversions

I also get confused every time I go to buy strip wood (or styrene) for scratch built projects — so I sat down and converted the most common wood measurements to inches/feet in 1:144 scale.