1/144 Christmas Candlesticks

Watch PartsI’ve seen several references to the riches of teeny-tiny parts that can be harvested from old watches. Well, I rarely wear a watch, but I rummaged through some of my old junk jewelry and found a long defunct novelty watch. It was CHEAP when brand new and I didn’t expect to find much other than a battery and plastic innards, but I cracked the back and found a treasure trove of teensy brass gears and widgets.

Christmas Candlesticks
Included in my find were four little pieces that seemed perfect for candlesticks (see the green arrow in the above image). Since I’ve been planning some kind of Christmas house, I knew I wanted Christmas candles.

For the greenery, I applied a bit of CA glue (Zap-A-Gap) to the brass and then sprinkled green landscaping foam — or more accurately, the DUST from landscaping foam — over the glue.

The candles are 0.4mm styrene rods from Plastruct — painted red with Model Masters enamel paints. The little brass pieces were particularly perfect because they had a center hole I could slip the rods into — a bit of CA glue and I was done.

Though barely visible in the photo, the candles even have wicks — made from barely visible wood shavings, also attached with CA glue.