1/144 Bliss/Gottschalk Inspired Doll House


As part of my Return to the Small Stuff, I wanted to revisit a design I first created for a Craftster swap.

Remember the 1/12 Scale Victorian Christmas Tree? One of the toys under the tree was a 1/144 scale house inspired by the Victorian lithograph doll houses made by Bliss (American) and Gottschalk (German).

Because the toys under the tree were supposed to be brand new, I didn’t do my typical, “if it looks good now, how much better will it look distressed?!” treatment. But given the original houses were lithographs (paper) on wood, they have not held up well… the houses found today typically come with lots of scuffs, paper loss, color fading, etc.

1/144 Bliss Gottschalk Inspired

I just had to do a house with a bit of wear to it.

And I just couldn’t resist adding a doll house for the doll house’s doll house… what scale is that, you ask? Why it’s 1/1728 — meaning one full scale inch equals 1,728 scale inches.

If that’s confusing, just think, “too damn small for a sane person to make.”

1/144 Bliss Gottschalk Inspire House

Scale Shot: 1/144 Bliss Gottschalk Inspire House

1 comment for “1/144 Bliss/Gottschalk Inspired Doll House

  1. Carolyn
    October 1, 2013 at 9:44 am

    You are an insane person (in the best possible way)! THAT is crazy small and it rocks!

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