1/144 Bliss Doll House

Bliss HouseThe original Bliss Doll Houses were made around the turn of the century and were very popular in Victorian households. They were made of wood covered with lithographed paper. These colorful houses did not adhere to one particular scale, but tended to be smaller than today’s standard, 1/12. Most of the houses were also much simpler than today’s doll houses — featuring only a few rooms with all major features and architectural details illustrated in the lithographs (as opposed to having actual window frames, carpeting, etc.).

This 1/144 scale reproduction made from a Cynthia Howe Miniatures kit stands a mere 1-3/4″ tall. It’s the perfect accessory for a 1:12 Victorian Dollhouse — a faithful reproduction of the dollhouses Victorian children would have had.

Please note: this house is actually smaller than 1/144 scale, but there’s good reason for that. As previously mentioned, the original Bliss houses were often smaller than 1/12 scale, there for an accurate reproduction in “1:144” s also smaller than 1:144.

This miniature house is now in a private collection.

Bliss Dollhouse